SCaRF relies entirely on the generosity of the general public for its income.

Fund-raising can take many forms, from sponsored events to coffee mornings, and we are often amazed at the varied and original ideas for fund-raising and great physical lengths our supporters will go to, to raise money for SCaRF.

Sadly many donations are made in memory of a friend or relative who has died from melanoma, and although the Trustees are grateful for these memorial gifts, they serve as a sharp reminder that the work of SCaRF is still so important.

Donations can be made in tax efficient ways, such as under the Gift Aid scheme, via,.com or and some generous people remember SCaRF in their will.

The Trustees are very grateful for all donations, and appreciate the hard work that goes into fund-raising.

They also know how much there is still to do in the field of skin cancer education and research, and the devastating impact this disease can have on people. So the work must go on.