What We Do

SCaRF, which is a charity, was founded in 1979 by two individuals, one of whom, Tony Hancock had lost his wife from malignant melanoma  and the other was Denis Bodenham FRCS the Consultant Plastic Surgeon who had treated her.

The object was, and still  is, to raise money for research into the causes, prevention and treatment of skin cancer, especially melanoma and to raise awareness of the condition.

Public benefit lies in the heart of the charity

Skin Cancer is a very common cancer and worrying for all those affected by it, not only patients but their friends and family.

For the unfortunate few who have the most serious and life threatening form of skin cancer , malignant melanoma, which can be particularly aggressive and invasive the effects can be devastating.

Since its formation SCaRF has worked towards the objective of reducing the number of people being diagnosed with skin cancer, especially malignant melanoma, reduce the number of deaths from the disease, reduce the number of sufferers of the disease, alleviate the anxiety cause by the disease, improve treatment for the disease and eventually cure the disease.

The Trustees confirm that they have considered the guidance of the Charity Commission and confirm the public benefit of the charity’s work The Trustees believe that the potential humanitarian public benefit is enormous should the aims and objectives of the charity ever be achieved.